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november, 2021

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Course Reviews

  • The Mechanics of Weightlifting – Module 1

    Excellent 5

    Cannot wait for Module 2 ! Excellent course. Lots of knowledge !
    Victoria Pollastri
  • The Mechanics of Weightlifting – Module 1

    Boiled down to the essentials. 5

    Imagine finding something in fitness that gets rid of the B.S. and does what actually works. I know from experience this the real deal. This is the best kept secret in fitness. Grab it before more people catch on and the price doubles. Love Marks work and so will you.
  • The Mechanics of Weightlifting – Complete Course

    What you need to know to teach or perform these lifts 5

    Awesome content! This is exactly what PTs, Strength Coaches and anyone teaching these lifts need to know to not only get the most out of their client/athlete but keep them injury free. With 16 years of experience in the PT industry its a shame to see that many pts don't understand whats required to correctly qualify their clients for the lifts they give them. The methods Mark teaches in this course will give you skills that make you stand out!
    Mike Nolan
  • The Mechanics of Weightlifting – Module 1

    Module 1 5

    Nick Tsakalos
  • The Mechanics of Weightlifting – Complete Course

    Awesome... as always! 5

    Having been an FMA student since 2010 and also attending many of the updated courses throughout the years, I didn't think there was much more that Mark could improve on without completely changing the course content- especially via an online course.... Turns out I was wrong! The additional skills that have been added to the course (in the form of Compression Band Mobilistations) plus improvements on the old band mobilistations and the clear, simple instructions and demonstrations on how to apply those skills with your clients for immediate results is second to none! Keep up the good work!!
    Tyrone Bray

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